Commit d5b396c1 authored by Allan McRae's avatar Allan McRae

Open development for 2.20

parent 9a869d82
2014-02-07 Allan McRae <>
* version.h (RELEASE): Set to "development".
(VERSION): Set to "2.19.90"
* NEWS: Add 2.20 section.
2014-02-06 Carlos O'Donell <>
[BZ #16529]
......@@ -4,6 +4,11 @@ See the end for copying conditions.
Please send GNU C library bug reports via <>
using `glibc' in the "product" field.
Version 2.20
* The following bugs are resolved with this release:
Version 2.19
/* This file just defines the current version number of libc. */
#define RELEASE "stable"
#define VERSION "2.19"
#define RELEASE "development"
#define VERSION "2.19.90"
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