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Tags give the ability to mark specific points in history as being important
  • v1.5.2
    Linux-PAM release 1.5.2
    * pam_exec: implemented quiet_log option.
    * pam_mkhomedir: added support of HOME_MODE and UMASK from /etc/login.defs.
    * pam_timestamp: changed hmac algorithm to call openssl instead of the bundled
                     sha1 implementation if selected, added option to select
                     the hash algorithm to use with HMAC.
    * Added pkgconfig files for provided libraries.
    * Added --with-systemdunitdir configure option to specify systemd unit
    * Added --with-misc-conv-bufsize configure option to specify the buffer size
      in libpam_misc's misc_conv() function, raised the default value for this
      parameter from 512 to 4096.
    * Multiple minor bug fixes, portability fixes, documentation improvements,
      and translation updates.
  • v1.5.1
    Linux-PAM release 1.5.1
    * pam_unix: fixed CVE-2020-27780 - authentication bypass when a user
                doesn't exist and root password is blank
    * pam_faillock: added nodelay option to not set pam_fail_delay
    * pam_wheel: use pam_modutil_user_in_group to check for the group membership
                 with getgrouplist where it is available
  • v1.5.0
    Linux-PAM release 1.5.0
    * Multiple minor bug fixes, portability fixes, and documentation improvements.
    * Extended libpam API with pam_modutil_check_user_in_passwd function.
    * configure: added --disable-unix option to disable build of pam_unix module.
    * pam_faillock: changed /run/faillock/$USER permissions from 0600 to 0660.
    * pam_limits: added support for nonewprivs item.
    * pam_motd: read motd files with target user credentials skipping unreadable ones.
    * pam_pwhistory: added a SELinux helper executable.
    * pam_unix, pam_usertype: implemented avoidance of certain timing attacks.
    * pam_wheel: implemented PAM_RUSER fallback for the case when getlogin fails.
    * Removed deprecated pam_cracklib module, use pam_passwdqc (from passwdqc project)
      or pam_pwquality (from libpwquality project) instead.
    * Removed deprecated pam_tally and pam_tally2 modules, use pam_faillock instead.
    * pam_env: Reading of the user environment is deprecated and will be removed
    	   at some point in the future.
    * libpam: pam_modutil_drop_priv() now correctly sets the target user's
              supplementary groups, allowing pam_motd to filter messages accordingly
  • v1.4.0
    Linux-PAM release 1.4.0
    * Multiple minor bug fixes and documentation improvements
    * Fixed grammar of messages printed via pam_prompt
    * Added support for a vendor directory and libeconf
    * configure: Added --enable-Werror option to enable -Werror build
    * configure: Allowed disabling documentation through --disable-doc
    * pam_get_authtok_verify: Avoid duplicate password verification
    * pam_cracklib: Fixed parsing of options without arguments
    * pam_env: Changed the default to not read the user .pam_environment file
    * pam_exec: Require a user name to be specified before the command is executed
    * pam_faillock: New module for locking after multiple auth failures
    * pam_group, pam_time: Fixed logical error with multiple ! operators
    * pam_keyinit: In pam_sm_setcred do the same as in pam_sm_open_session
    * pam_lastlog: Do not log info about failed login if the session was opened
    	       with PAM_SILENT flag
    * pam_lastlog: Limit lastlog file use by LASTLOG_UID_MAX option in login.defs
    * pam_lastlog: With 'unlimited' option prevent SIGXFSZ due to reduced 'fsize'
    * pam_mkhomedir: Fixed return value when the user is unknown
    * pam_motd: Export MOTD_SHOWN=pam after showing MOTD
    * pam_motd: Support multiple motd paths specified, with filename overrides
    * pam_namespace: Added a systemd service, which creates the namespaced
    		 instance parent directories during boot
    * pam_namespace: Support for noexec, nosuid and nodev flags for tmpfs mounts
    * pam_selinux: Check unknown object classes or permissions in current policy
    * pam_selinux: Fall back to log to syslog if audit logging fails
    * pam_setquota: New module to set or modify disk quotas on session start
    * pam_shells: Recognize /bin/sh as the default shell
    * pam_succeed_if: Fixed potential override of the default prompt
    * pam_succeed_if: Support lists in group membership checks
    * pam_time: Added conffile= option to specify an alternative configuration file
    * pam_tty_audit: If kernel audit is disabled return PAM_IGNORE
    * pam_umask: Added new 'nousergroups' module argument and allowed specifying
    	     the default for usergroups at build-time
    * pam_unix: Added 'nullresetok' option to allow resetting blank passwords
    * pam_unix: Report unusable hashes found by checksalt to syslog
    * pam_unix: Return PAM_AUTHINFO_UNAVAIL when shadow entry is unavailable
    * pam_unix: Support for (gost-)yescrypt hashing methods
    * pam_unix: Use bcrypt b-variant when it bcrypt is chosen
    * pam_usertype: New module to tell if uid is in login.defs ranges
    * Fixed and documented possible values returned by pam_get_user()
    * Added new API call pam_start_confdir() for special applications that
      cannot use the system-default PAM configuration paths and need to
      explicitly specify another path
    * Deprecated pam_cracklib: this module is no longer built by default and will
      be removed in the next release, use pam_passwdqc (from passwdqc project)
      or pam_pwquality (from libpwquality project) instead
    * Deprecated pam_tally and pam_tally2: these modules are no longer built
      by default and will be removed in the next release, use pam_faillock instead
  • v1.3.1
    3b77a78d · Release version 1.3.1 ·
    Release version 1.3.1
  • Linux-PAM-1.3.0
    1cad9fb2 · Release version 1.3.0 ·
  • Linux-PAM-1_2_1
    e89d4c97 · Release version 1.2.1 ·
  • Linux-PAM-1_2_0
    f4fbbbcc · Update NEWS file ·
    Release version 1.2.0
  • Linux-PAM-1_1_8
    Release version 1.1.8
  • Linux-PAM-1_1_7
    c4d8ba02 · Release version 1.1.7 ·
    Release version 1.1.7
  • v1.1.6
    d4931cce · release version 1.1.6 ·
    Linux-PAM 1.1.6 release
  • Linux-PAM-1_1_5
    Release Linux-PAM-1.1.5
  • Linux-PAM-1_1_4
    01e04364 · Fix order of libraries ·
    Release version 1.1.4
  • v1.1.4
    01e04364 · Fix order of libraries ·
    Linux-PAM 1.1.4 release
  • Linux-PAM-1_1-branch
    7aba472d · Relevant BUGIDs: ·
  • Linux-PAM-1_1_3
    46cdce51 · Relevant BUGIDs: ·
  • Linux-PAM-1_1_2
    08e55be7 · Relevant BUGIDs: ·
  • Linux-PAM-1_1_1
    2c201a30 · Relevant BUGIDs: ·
  • Linux-PAM-1_1_0
    56c8282d · Relevant BUGIDs: ·
  • Linux-PAM-1_0_92
    313c187b · Relevant BUGIDs: ·